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Always a step ahead

Combine known printing procedures with exciting innovations

IBL (Inner Barrier Liner)

IBL is a shoulder insert with barrier property; that is to say a roundel which is placed inside at the HDPE shoulder. This insert is made up of a compound of PE layers between which a barrier layer is inserted. This barrier is, by default, EVOH, but aluminium may also be used if required.

Seal of freshness

The seal of freshness is an option, applied using heat to the shoulder opening, which acts to seal the tube orifice until it is first used. The seal of freshness at EPL is a PET compound which is available with an applied aluminium layer (standard) or in blue or white (printed) for improved optics.

Stripe insert

The stripe insert is inserted inside the tube at the shoulder. This insert is used primarily in the oral hygiene sector, for example, for a two-coloured toothpaste. It is a pipe with a large opening in the middle and five small openings on the sides. The primary mass (white) is pushed through the middle and the smaller openings on the side apply the coloured stripes to the toothpaste.

Printed seam/Inviseam

The printed seam is a so-called impact seam. The overlap at both ends of the laminate is kept as small as possible to ensure that the seam is practically "invisible" after production. Unlike other "seam colouring" technologies used for laminate tubes, we have deliberately chosen to print the tube directly onto the surface using conventional procedures (letterpress or flexographic, optionally in combination with screen printing or embossing.).

UV pressure – invisible tactile markers and creative effects

Luminescent colours can only be seen under a black light sensor. The advantage of this technology is that the sensor blocks out the remainder of the image printed with conventional inks. This expands the design options to include innovative effects. In this way, the user is only able to see some effects of the packaging, for example, under disco lighting.


At the special request of various customers, we have developed a solution for a special target group which enables us to print Braille directly onto the primary packaging. The Braille characters are printed using screen printing and a transparent ink. This is designed to enable visually impaired people to find the product they are looking for without outside assistance.

Egnite is a shining combination

Egnite is a development of EPL Ltd. (formerly Essel Propack). Metallic films are used to create a metallic gloss which would otherwise only be achieved with embossing. Cleverly designing the printed image means that embossing is not necessary. The normal use of an aluminium layer in the laminate is deliberately avoided here. With a haptic and barrier effect comparable with standard laminates, when using Egnite, the tube wall thickness can be reduced so that this laminate also has sustainability benefits.

Food tubes

We develop special solutions for your products and make use of a modular system with tried and tested materials. The suitability of the materials used is tested on the basis of appropriate simulations and a declaration of conformity can be issued without time or cost intensive testing, ideal for smaller and medium-sized batch requirements and short-notice projects. The directive (EU) number 10/2011 applies for plastics with food contact.

Cannula tubes diameter 25 mm/28 mm

EPL Ltd.  has developed our own cannula tubes. Depending on the viscosity of your product, the dosage of the product can be perfectly coordinated since there are two different opening diameters available, 25 mm and 28 mm.