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Protection and function for our packaging solutions

Lids and caps

Which cap is the right one? Would you like the flip-top cap or the classic standard cap? EPL Ltd. offers a variety of lids and caps for tubes of varying diameters. From the initial inquiry through to the start of tube production, we meet our customers’ requirements, quickly and to the highest quality. On request, we can also design and produce individual cap solutions. Different colour combinations lend the product that special something. We have been working with reliable suppliers for many years and trust their expertise. We are happy to advise you!

Tube thread

Fractal thread

The fractal thread is a special, quick-opening thread for which EPL Ltd. holds the utility patent protection. This thread is a further development on from the S13 standard thread. At the request of customers, we have added to the original versions of "smooth" and "ribbed" caps and now also include a high, channelled format for the toothpaste sector, and a matt version for cosmetic applications. Other formats are possible and of course different colours and finishes are also available as standard for fractal caps.

S13 thread

The S13 thread is a standard thread available on the market which is used primarily in the oral care sector.

M15 thread (M 15 x 1.5)

The M15 thread is a metric thread. This is a standard thread available on the market which is used primarily in cosmetics. This is also ideally suited for use in tubes in the technical sector.

TR22 thread (TR 22 x 3)

The TR22 thread is a standard thread available on the market which is used primarily for larger diameters (50 mm).

Push-on thread

The push-on thread is not technically a thread. This shape is only used for flip-top caps that are not screwed into place but instead are pushed directly onto the tube nozzle in order to ensure that they are aligned for the printing and cannot be moved or removed.

Tube caps

Cone caps

The cone cap is a conically formed, ribbed screw cap that does not cover the shoulders.

Stand Cap

The stand cap, or standard screw cap, is a cylindrically formed screw cap that covers the shoulders. This cap is, depending on diameter and thread, available in both smooth and ribbed formats. In some sectors, there are also additional options with a matte surface, rounded edges and various cap heights.


A flip-top cap is a folding hinge cap. The opening for extracting the contents is exposed by flipping up the top section of the cap. In the snap-on version, the cap can be aligned with the printed image. Screw-fitted versions without image alignment can also be fitted with a membrane seal for freshness.


Sponge applicator

The sponge applicator is a cylindrically formed, ribbed cap in which only the top cap is removed for use. Underneath there is a sponge and an opening which allows the contents of the tube to flow through the sponge. The sponge is used for distributing the contents to various surfaces. Sponge applicators are used primarily in the technical sector (e.g. shoe polish, ski wax etc.).