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Beauty & Cosmetics

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Innovation, trends and a particularly fast rate of turnover determine above all in the cosmetics industry. When it comes to the "Beauty & Cosmetics" sector especially, tubes are the best method of storage for thick pastes and creams thanks to the soft, malleable packaging. The tube is not just attractive in appearance, it is easy to handle and practical to use.

EPL Ltd. has already made beauty and cosmetics products for some of the largest international companies in the industry. For this reason, we offer a wide range of durable solutions for cosmetics, hair and skincare products. Our unique and inspired laminated and plastic tube solutions have been designed to create an ideal image in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Innovative dosing systems and various tube formats bring a certain glamour factor to your product.



EPL’s iShine™ cosmetic packaging range was designed by EPL Ltd. specifically for the beauty and cosmetics industry and strives to supply first-class tube solutions which bring glamour and style to cosmetic brands. The solutions in this category include High Definition, 3D, Matte Gloss, Laser, Diamond and Aroma.

Your success at the "Point of Sale" is our incentive to let your product shine. EPL Ltd. guarantees you skilled experience, safety and loyalty.


From conceptual design to tube: This creates the perfect home for your product.

Whatever you want packaged, our range of laminated tubes will provide you with a suitable solution.
We look forward to impressing you with our expertise!