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Product development

For product development, we look at the entire process "From the conceptual design to the tube" and subsequent follow-up after market introduction. The knowledge and expertise gathered over the years allows us to give advice to our customers regarding conceptual development from the very start. Overseeing the conceptual design to the tube is very much what we stand for at EPL Germany. We are open to new ideas and future-proof solutions. We are happy to assist you when it comes to selecting materials, dosing mechanisms, the appropriate laminate or even providing graphic support for the design procedure.

For this, we rely on the creative and innovative team of the EPL Ltd. who are engaged in research and various studies on the subjects of barrier science, product resistance, product migration, sealing, and meeting legal requirements. We constantly provide our customers with an appropriate solution for the various product aspects such as structure, colour, shoulder, closure and decorative finishing options. We would be happy to support you in the selection of your optimum packaging solution.

Application development

Our tube products can be found in a variety of fields of application.

Beauty & Cosmetics
Conditioner, shampoo and hair dye, cream, skin lightening cream with UV protection

Pharma & Health
Analgesic balm with high methyl salicylate content and ophthalmic products

Mayonnaise, chocolate spread, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, jams, paste, vodka, wasabi and honey

Pesticides, multi-use grease, shoe wax, detergent

Oral hygiene products with aggressive, highly alkaline and acidic formulations