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From the concept to the tube

Creating the perfect home for your product

The diversity of applications for the tube has played a large role in ensuring the ongoing strength of the tube market in recent years. . It is regarded as the ideal packaging for many markets, particularly the cosmetics industry, and many companies are increasingly focussing on this. EPL Germany does not only view itself as a manufacturer of tubes – we also support our customers in the product development process from the “concept to the tube”.

Together with EPL Limited as the leader in tube packaging, we offer the widest choice of laminated and plastic tubes worldwide. We use the best raw materials to manufacture superior quality tubes which optimise the delivery, shelf life and visual impact of the products. We are proud of our ability to continuously develop new kinds of packaging and welcome new design challenges. At EPL Limited, the R&D teams are professionally equipped to continuously provide exceptional solutions through sound work procedures. We complete the production cycle with the timely delivery of our quality tubes and, in doing so, demonstrate the significance of speed to the market. The end result of our in depth research and extensive development process is a product which stands out on the shelf at the point of sale. If tubes are compared with other packaging materials, they are easier to use and ensure that less of the product remains in the packaging at the end. It is precisely this that makes the tube the product of choice for various sectors. Let us work together. We can support your process from the “concept to the tube” – our many years’ experience and in depth expertise are guaranteed.