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Discover the exciting history of EPL Germany – we hope you enjoy it!


A significant historic development by pharmacist and chemist Dr. Ottomar Heinsius von Mayenburg (1865-1932) took place in the Laboratorium Leo, in the attic of the Löwen-Apotheke chemist on Dresden’s Altmarkt – the development of Chlorodont toothpaste filled in a flexible metal tube. In 1917 the Leo-Werke factory was established by this chemist.


Between 1939 and 1945 the factory was used solely for the production of materials and items needed during the war. In February 1945 the Leo-Werke factory was badly damaged by a bomb attack. In 1952 it was taken over by the government and became part of VEB Elbe-Chemie. The first plastic and laminated tubes were produced in association with the researchers of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences.


After the political turning point of the late eighties with the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification, the company was renamed DENTAL -Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG and was managed by the Treuhandanstalt Berlin (trust agency which privatised East German companies). In 1992 the company was re-privatised with ARGENTA Internationale Anlagegesellschaft mbH Munich as the sole shareholder which has been expanding and modernising the production facilities ever since.


Essel Germany spun off from Dental Kosmetik as a joint venture of Mr. Dr. Röschinger with Essel Propack and TET Holdings. Construction of a new production and administration building in the north of Dresden. The company moves into its new factory with two tube production lines and one printing machine in 2000. As the world market leader for laminated tubes with production sites all over the world, Essel Propack contributes valuable expertise to the company.


Large laminated tubes with a diameter of 50mm are manufactured for the first time on a pilot facility and successfully launched on the market. The company takes on more employees and the range of diameter sizes for laminated tubes is increased.


The company’s fourth tube production line is installed and, for the first time, sales exceed 100 million tubes per year. ESSEL Germany successfully establishes itself on the German market and is able to increase its export share by 50%. Demand increases and the company plans further expansion.


Continuous development of production capacity through the expansion of the site to become a modern industrial company in accordance with the latest standards. Fifty per cent of the tubes made in Dresden are for the cosmetic sector. Toothpaste and other oral hygiene products form the company’s second main pillar.


The company celebrates its 10-year anniversary and the laying of the foundation stone for the first stage of the building expansion. The company currently has 115 employees and produces 200 million tubes a year. The model of trust-based working time is successfully implemented in company management.


Strategic reorientation of the printing press with investments in the expansion of the print and finishing facilities. In addition to letterpress and flexo printing, silkscreen printing is also successfully introduced.


ESSEL Germany wins the “Tube of the Year” award from the European Tube Manufacturers Association (ETMA) in the category “Laminated tubes” for the third time in a row. Food manufacturers are also increasingly using ESSEL tubes for their products and ESSEL laminated tubes also play a significant role in household chemical products. The factory produces approximately 1 million tubes daily, operating 5 days a week.


Essel Propack aquire 100% stake in Essel Germany

The acquisition will help Essel unlock synergies such as enhanced cross selling opportunity in the German markets, scouring flexibility and better capacity utilization at all of its Europe plants.

As a Dresden tube manufacturer we continue to shape the future of this location and remain loyal to the city of Dresden. Our goal is to remain the European market leader for laminated tubes finished to an exceptionally high standard. Packaging is our promise. Tubes. Everywhere at home.


Blackstone Group L.P. acquires majority stake in EPL Limited formerly Essel Propack Limited.


Change of name from Essel Deutschland to EPL Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. The change of company name to EPL is carried out for all companies of the former Essel Propack Group. The new company name is also accompanied by a change in the logo and a new slogan.


EPL Germany in figures

180 employees produce thousands of tube varieties and unlimited printing and finishing options. The machines in production and the printing press are in operation five days a week in a three-shift system. The company’s printing and finishing expertise continuously pushes the boundaries of development.

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